When you are choosing a stairlift, it pays to get expert advice from an experienced supplier. For more than three decades, Dolphin
Stairlifts Scotland have provided our clients with affordable, quality stairlifts and aftercare. Our team can help you find the perfect aid to support your
individual needs.

In union with Occupational Therapists (OT’s), local authority housing managers and our many private customers, our experts at Dolphin have compiled a
downloadable guide to having a stairlift in your home. This guide will give you all the information, hints and tips you will need to make an informed choice..

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are suitable for use where a stairlift only needs to travel in one straight line; without any interruptions from landings or platforms, turns or curved steps. We offer a range of straight stairlift systems that can be combined with a choice of seats to give you a system that is tailored to your needs, home and budget.

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Curved Stairlifts

Many homes have staircases that go around at least one bend or corner and these are referred to as curved staircases. As a solution, Dolphin offers a market-leading range of made to measure curved stairlifts that can travel around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases. All of our curved stairlifts are tailor-made and designed for your individual staircase and needs.

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Reconditioned Stairlifts

At Dolphin, we believe that your budget shouldn’t stand in the way of being able to move around your home comfortably and safely, so we offer a wide range of affordable used stairlifts. All our used stairlifts are expertly reconditioned and many are nearly-new.

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